Terms & Conditions

It is essential for the students to purchase our tutorial services after the demo for the continued training or tutorial.

Students have to register on our website for making an online purchase of the tutorial services. Without registration, our services will remain inaccessible.

If you already have an account with us, you can directly login with your username and password.

Students should not share their username and password with anyone else. If any student is found guilty, the tutorial services shall be terminated by the company without any prior notice.
All the payments shall be made online by using a credit card, debit card or internet banking. No other mode of payment shall be accepted.
Fees shall be paid in advance before the commencement of the tuition or training to the Ashayein.com only.
In no case, the fees will be refunded once you confirm the services after taking the demo.
We are not responsible for any kind of payments made to the tutors/trainers directly by the students/parents. In case we find such transactions, we reserve the right to terminate the ID of student/parent or tutor at that instant and ban them from accessing our services in future.
We provide services of the verified tutors/instructors but students/parents shall confirm the identity of the tutors from their end also. It is their responsibility to verify the identity, credentials, and qualifications of the tutors from whom they are accessing the tutorial services.
Ashayein.com shall not be responsible for securing the tutor/instructor.

For the tutors/instructors

Tutors have to register with us for giving training or tuition to the students.
They have to coordinate with the company for the verification process. No tutor shall be hired in the case of failure of verification.
Tutor/instructor shall confirm that he/she should be more than 18 years of age to get registered with us for delivering tutorial services. Tutor shall also possess all the necessary education qualifications or experience in the relevant area of teaching as mentioned on our site.
Prices quoted for the services on our site shall be accepted in full by the tutor.
We do not ask the tuition teacher to share or publish any of their personal details like personal email, contact number or address in the boxes like Experience, Tutoring approach, other topics on our site.
Ashayien.com is not liable for any kind of reimbursements of fees directly paid to the tutors. We have the full right to terminate the services of the tutors in the event of a breach of contract terms related to fee payment.
Tutors/instructors should ensure that they shall register with us with accurate and correct details about them. Details like address and telephone number shall be updated. Educational qualification details and other details shall also be correct. Tutor shall realize that by entering the details on our website, they are making their details publicly visible. Sometimes, these details may appear on the search engine searches.
Tutors will be paid by our company so tutor shall not ask for the fees from the students or parents.
Home based tutors can use their own set up for training or teaching.
Tutors have to maintain the privacy of the data of their students.
Online tutors, as well as the home-based tutors registered with us, have to undertake the training to understand our company’s policies, rules, and regulations. This training is mandatory prior to your first tutoring assignment.


Ashayein.com takes all the necessary measures to protect the details of students/parents and the tutors but we are not liable for any kind of unauthorized access to information shared by the students/parents and tutors.

We reserve the right to edit, delete or block the postings which are done by us on our site for the purpose of communication. Members registered with us shall not impersonate their identity with any other or use their incorrect name.

We hold the right to withdraw and modify the services of ashayein.com, either partially or completely. Wherever we have legal reasons or we feel the need to do so. You will agree that sometimes, there are technical problems which can prevent you from accessing our services. In such case, we put our best efforts for getting the problems resolved which are within our control.

All the mentioned Terms are subjected to Indian Law and the jurisdiction of Indian Court.